About Snowrider

Snowrider.com is the smart result of Yellowgentian.com, the original site for independent ski and snowboard reviews. Where Yellow Gentian supplies you with a large database of skis and snowboard reviews, you can make life easy and fast on Snowrider.com. Snowrider.com provides an easy and quick tool to find our favorites for your profile, both skis and snowboard. We test ourselves, make up our mind and evaluate the ski or snowboard within the team. The test team members are all passionate skiers and snowboarders. In our approach you don’t need to be an expert to test. The opinion of an intermediate testskier is probably more valuable for another intermediate skier than the opinion of a World Champion. On Snowrider.com we show you the results and if you want to know more about other skis and snowboards as well, have a look at Yellowgentian.com.

About the ski and snowboard testing

The reason we started Snowrider.com and Yellow Gentian is that we couldn’t find what we were looking for: independent reviews by comparable skiers and snowboarders in level and discipline.

A bit of explanation:

  • If an expert or professional has an opinion about a ski, it would be too easy to assume that their opinion will count for the average skier as well
  • A testreport which gives an average of opinions in figures about a snowboard doesn’t help an individual with own specific wishes
  • And reviews which only state the hard facts as length or used materials, don’t tell me if the performance and behavior is interesting for me

We would like to help you a step further in making your choice. If you want to choose a new snowboard or ski, you should actually test everything yourself. A lot of people don’t have that opportunity. That is why we test and give you individual opinions from each one’s perspective, preference and personality. The market for ski’s and snowboards is big with a lot of brands. So we choose to focus as follows:

  • Multiple disciplines (piste, all-mountain, powder etc.)
  • Most interesting brands
  • New stuff, innovations

On Snowrider.com you can skip the extensive reviews and go straight to our favorites for you.

You can contact Snowrider.com via our Contact Page

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